Online Retail Sales Rise

Here is a snippet from Times report on black Friday: “Online sales fared considerably better this past weekend. ComScore, a digital research firm, estimates that cyber sales on Black Friday totaled $595 million, making it the second heaviest online spending day so far in 2009 and up 11% from Black Friday 2008. PayPal said it saw a 20% increase in the amount of money people spent using PayPal to purchase items this Black Friday from last year and a 140% spike in the volume of payments made by mobile phones. The mobile-phone transaction increase indicates that buyers shopping at brick-and-mortar sites were likely price-checking items with their mobile phones and then purchasing the item where they found it the cheapest.”
Read more:,8599,1943398,00.html?xid=rss-topstories#ixzz0YNpsSOTt

Of course that means more pressure for the retailers to manage all their sales channels optimally. Multi-channel retailing is more than just having brick and mortar stores along with online retail stores to capture orders. It is about developing capabilities that present a single consistent shopping experience to the customer and managing a single optimized supply chain for efficiently leveraging assets across channels. Click here to read the whole story on multi-channel retail capabilities.


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